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kiio FLEX

kiio FLEX Library software includes fully animated routine templates covering multiple phases of treatment for common diagnoses. These routines are built off and complemented by a library of over 800 unique exercise templates, thus enabling millions of custom routine variations. Unprecedented flexibility to import videos, select custom range of motion, set custom timing, and select desired patient effort means you can now assign and clearly communicate exactly what you want your patient to perform. kiio FLEX Library will help you increase efficiency, deliver clinical excellence, and improve patient outcomes.

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kiio Wall Gym with girl working out

kiio Wall Gym

The perfect complement for resistance training. An infinitely adjustable anchor system allows simple and secure placement anywhere along the continuous track. Precise markings ensure consistency in assessment, training, and monitoring.

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Filled kiio Caddy

kiio Caddy

Organize, store, and display resistance cables and handles with quick, easy access. Part of an infinitely flexible, self-contained work station, the kiio Caddy elegantly organizes and manages multiple lengths of cables and an array of handles. Quickly, simply, and securely mounts to any wall.

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resistance cables in a coil
quik grip handle
exchange handle
triple grip handle
arm and leg attachment
Door Anchor

kiio Equipment

kiio Equipment includes tools and accessories that provide professional grade quality for the clinic, gym, and home. The complete line of cables, handles, and attachments are based on our patented interchange system, offering custom combinations to meet all your exercise needs. Pair any cable, handle, or attachment with any of our products. Simply put, kiio Equipment is the highest quality and most versatile equipment on the market today.

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kiio Sensor

kiio Sensor

The kiio Sensor is a wireless force measurement device that works in conjunction with our kiio FLEX software. The kiio Sensor is ideal for establishing baselines, monitoring progress, performing bilateral comparisons, and enabling you to make data-driven decisions.

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